Challenges in Realizing the Exabit Optical Communication Infrastructure using 3 “Multi” Technology

 by Masataka Nakazawa
Research Organization of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University
 2-1-1 Katahira, Aoba-ku Sendai-shi, Miyagi 980-8577, Japan


The capacity of the optical communication infrastructure in backbone networks has increased a thousand-fold over the last twenty years. Despite this rapid progress, Internet traffic is continuing to grow at an annual rate of 40%. This means that in twenty years, we will need Petabit/s or even Exabit/s optical communication. In this talk, I present recent challenges and efforts toward achieving a hardware paradigm shift to overcome the capacity limitation imposed by the current optical communication infrastructure. I will overview the latest advances on the three “multi” technologies, i.e. multi-level transmission with ultrahigh spectral efficiency, space division multiplexing in multi-core fibers, and mode division multiplexing with MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output).

Biography (Masataka Nakazawa)

Masataka Nakazawa
Masataka Nakazawa

After receiving his Ph. D. from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Dr. Nakazawa joined NTT Laboratories in 1980. He was a visiting scientist at MIT in 1984. In 2001, he was appointed professor at Tohoku University, where he became the director of the Research Institute of Electrical Communication. He has been a distinguished professor since 2008. He was the president of the Electronics Society of the IEICE, a director at large of OSA, and a board member of the IEEE Photonics Society. He engaged in research on optical solitons, ultrahigh-speed transmission, and ultrashort pulse lasers that led on from his invention of the compact EDFA. His recent research is focused on digital coherent transmission. He has published 490 papers and presented 360 international conference presentations. He has received many awards including the Purple Ribbon Medal, the Japan Academic Prize, the IEEE Quantum Electronics Award, and the OSA Charles Hard Townes Award. Dr. Nakazawa is a Fellow of the OSA, IEEE, IEICE, and JSAP.